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1968 LeMans/GTO Front Bucket Seats

1968 LeMans/GTO Front Bucket Seats

1968 LeMans/GTO Front Bucket Seats

Part No: 093278

Distinctive Industries 1968 LeMans/GTO Seat Upholstery is a correct reproduction of the original. We offer the original Madrid grain in 32 oz. vinyl, with the correct dielectrically heat sealed vertical patterns and sewn as original. Bench seats include 1 armrest cover.

Offered in Black L-2295, Gold L-3307, Parchment L-3295, Red L-3048, Teal L-3302, Turquoise L-3045 and White L-2305.


• Original Madrid grain Vinyl

• Correct 6 stitch per inch stitching

• Correct colors matched to the original vinyl

• Limited lifetime warranty


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