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1970-71 Ranchero Compartment Package Tray

1970-71 Ranchero Compartment Package Tray

1970-71 Ranchero Rear Compartment Package Tray

Part  No: 105908

Distinctive Industries Package Tray is a high quality vinyl covered package tray. Utilizing modern material and covered in the correct Corinthian grain in 32 oz. vinyl for durability and long life.

Offered in Black L-3722 (I=L-3400), Blue L-3788 (I=L-4069), Ginger L-4061 (I=L-4070), Ivy L-3628 (I=L-4071), Red L-3724 (I=L-3440), Vermillion L-4063 (I=L-4073) and White L-4062 (I=L-4072).


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