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1972 F100/F250 Ranger XLT Front Bench Seat

1972 F100/F250 Ranger XLT Front Bench Seat

1972 F100/F250 Ranger XLT Front Bench Seat

Part No: 102498

Distinctive Industries 1972 Ford Ranger XLT Pickup Truck Seat Upholstery is a correct reproduction of the original. We offer the original Sierra grain vinyl for 1964-72 models and Corinthian grain vinyl for 1971 and 1975 models in 32 oz. vinyl with the correct grain inserts, correct dielectrically heat sealed patterns and sewn as original. 

Offered in Black L-3722 (Insert L-3437), Blue L-3788, Blue 2-Tone L-3627 (Insert L-3435), Dark Ivy Gold L-3628 (Insert L-3531), Dark Red L-3724 (Insert L-3440),  Ginger L-4061Ivy Gold 2-tone L-2503 (Insert L-3530), Nugget Gold L-3625 (Insert L-3442), Turquoise 2-Tone L-2929 (Insert L-3474), White L-4062, Vermillion L-4063.


• Original Corinthian grain and Kiwi grain inserts.

• Correct dielectric “Heat Seal” Pattern

• Correct 6 stitch per inch stitching

• Correct colors matched to the original vinyl

• Limited lifetime warranty


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