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1967 Econoline Falcon Custom Club Wagon 2nd Row Seat

1967 Econoline Falcon Custom Club Wagon 2nd Row Seat

1967 Econoline Falcon Custom Club Wagon 2nd Row Seat

Part No: 102598

Distinctive Industries 1962-75 Econoline Seat Upholstery is a correct reproduction of the original. We offer the original Crush grain vinyl for 1962-65 models and Sierra grain vinyl for 1966-67 models in 32 oz. vinyl, with the correct dielectrically heat sealed vertical patterns, and sewn as original.

Offered in Beige L-2176, Black L-958, Blue L-2250, 2-Tone Blue Trim L-2287 & Insert L-2505, Green L-1988, 2-Tone  Ivy Gold Trim L-2503 & Insert L-2286, Palomino L-2288 and Red L-2920, 2-Tone  Turquoise Trim L-2929& Insert L-3097, White L-2290.


• Original Crush/Sierra grain vinyl

• Correct dielectric “Heat Seal” Pattern

• Correct 6 stitch per inch stitching

• Correct colors matched to the original vinyl

• Limited lifetime warranty


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