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1969-72 El Camino Sail Panel

1969-72 El Camino Sail Panel

1969-72 El Camino Sail Panel 

Part No: 091857

Distinctive Industries 1969-72 EL Camino Sail Panel are in the original grain vinyl construction. Featuring the correct clip retainer.

Offered in

1969- Black H-600, Dark Blue H-1206, Dark Green H-1201, Green Gold H-979, Medium Blue H-1204, Red H-1262 and White H-1136.

1970-72- Black H-1179, Buckskin H-1186, Dark Blue H-1183, Dark Green H-1276, Dark Red H-1411, Dark Saddle H-1185, Light Blue H-1182, Medium Blue H-1482, Sandalwood H-1180 and White H-1181.


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